Full Bleed Size including 3mm bleed (starting document size)

  • 102mm x 213mm - DL
  • 75mm x 150mm - Calendar
  • 75mm x 200mm - Calendar
  • 100mm x 125mm - Calendar
  • 100mm x 150mm - Calendar
  • 100mm x 213mm - Calendar
Document Trim Size (final size after cutting)
  • 99mm x 210mm - DL
  • 72mm x 147mm - Calendar
  • 72mm x 197mm - Calendar
  • 97mm x 122mm - Calendar
  • 97mm x 147mm - Calendar
  • 99mm x 210mm - Calendar
  • Finished artwork should use the full bleed (3mm bleed) dimensions for best results.
  • Please make sure to keep all text within the safe margin.
  • Please upload a high resolution PDF during checkout
Please upload pdf, jpg, zip files Only. Files should not be larger than 50MB

You can upload artwork later via the dashboard